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Rice Quality Control – Testing and Inspection

Partner with HQTS to ensure that your rice maintains consistent quality and meets the standards set by food safety authorities and regulatory bodies.

Rice is a staple food consumed by millions of people worldwide, and, like other food products, it must adhere to specific quality parameters and conform to industry standards – making quality control of rice vital.


Rice Quality Control Services

HQTS has developed comprehensive rice quality control solutions that cover the entire production cycle, including harvesting, supplier selection, production, shipment, and exports.

In addition to rice, we offer inspection services for multiple food products, including:

Factory Audits for Rice

Determine if your supplier is legitimate and capable of producing rice that meets your high-quality expectations with our audit services, which include:

Rice Inspection Services

We conduct visual inspections, tallying and random weighing of bags, packaging verification, and collection of shipment and related documents to verify the conformance your requirements. Our rice inspections services can detect any deviations, enabling you to take prompt action.

These inspections can be carried out at various stages, including rice mills, warehouse and storage facilities, and packaging and labeling facilities. They include:

Testing Laboratories for Rice

We can perform analysis and sampling of rice at the factory or test it in our network of accredited partner laboratories for common tests, such as:

  • Physical and Chemical analysis
  • Heavy Metals
  • Grading

Rice Certification for Uganda and Saudi Arabia

We recognise the importance of meeting stringent industry regulations, international standards, and specific market requirements. We offer conformity assessment activities for rice products under the Uganda PVoC Program and SFDA Certification.

Contact our team today to discuss your rice quality control needs and learn how HQTS can support your business.

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