HQTS Quality Control

Quality Control and Assurance for E-commerce

Quality Control and Assurance for E-commerce

HQTS is partners with various eCommerce platforms in Asia to provide several quality control and assurance services to ensure the safety and quality of products they deliver to online domestic consumers.

What Quality Control in E-commerce is?

Quality control in E-commerce is conduction of goods sold through e-commerce. E-commerce is considered an excellent alternative for companies to reach new customers and markets.

Quality is the vital issue of e-commerce, and the importance of measuring and monitoring quality has already been well recognized. Quality control in E-commerce will greatly increase the chances of an e-commerce project satisfying user performance requirements for the first time.

Why is Quality Assurance in E-Commerce so important for Asia?

This is a growing business for HQTS as Asia consumers increasingly demand the same product quality and safety often associated with the export markets. The growing middle class has more disposable income, and is demanding higher quality and safety in the products they purchase.

This, along with anger over the proliferation of counterfeit products and hazardous substances is contributing to a significant change in Chinese consumer perceptions and quality expectations.

How to conduct a Quality Control testing in E-Commerce?

Requirement Development

Firstly, HQTS will help our clients to determine what products need to be tested and which aspects of the product should be evaluated as per the requirements of the e-commerce platforms.

Test Plan Development

Next, HQTS will create a test plan, a document that describes the strategy that will be used for testing. This plan will include the scope of the tests, the techniques that will be used, the equipment and other resources that are needed and the schedule of the testing.


Then, HQTS will set up the testing environment according to the product testing guidelines in the plan. Once the testing environment is prepared and the necessary equipment is in place, we will start to run the tests according to the pre-determined strategy.

Evaluation of Results

After the test, HQTS will assess the test results and report them. We will analyze any failures or performance issues that occurred in the product to determine their cause, and discuss with the clients to improve product performance or prevent product failures

HQTS is happy to serve this demand through our quality assurance and testing to suppliers of our eCommerce partner throughout Asia. Some of these services include quality control inspectionsconsumer product testing, ISTA packaging testing, factory audits, supplier verification and evaluations, counterfeit investigation and mitigation, and more.

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