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HQTS provides tailored e-commerce quality control services to ensure that your products sold through online channels meet the desired quality and safety standards that comply with country-specific regulations, marketplaces, and consumer expectations.

E-commerce retailers must meet the performance requirements set by e-commerce platforms and adhere to country and industry-specific standards. Failure to comply with these requirements often results in a seller’s account suspension or termination, making quality control important.


Tailored e-Commerce Quality Assurance Services

HQTS has partnered with various e-Commerce platforms in Asia to provide quality control and assurance services for both small, mid- and large online retailers, and is an authorised Amazon FBA Inspection company in China.

We can deliver end-to-end solutions for a series of product categories commonly sold online, including:

Before Production
  • Audit your e-Commerce Supplier: Verify legal operation status, factory ownership, business locations, production capabilities and more.
  • e-Commerce Product Testing: Conduct in-house lab testing to help you meet regulatory compliance needs (RoHS, REACH, CPSIA, EN-71, ASTM and more).
  • Packaging TestingPerform safety and evaluation testing of packaging performance through a Carton Drop test.
During Production
  • Sample Picking: Collect, verify and seal samples at the factory premise for testing purposes to ensure that the product conforms to your specifications.
  • Inspections: Randomly inspect and evaluate samples of your product categories, either pre-production, during production, before shipment, or during the loading process.
After Production
  • Supplier Quality EngineeringEvaluate your suppliers, identify any inefficiencies at the factory, and recommend resolutions to improve their operations.
Other Quality Control Services for E-Commerce

HQTS offer a full range of other quality control services, we provide other services, including:

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