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Third Party Inspection Services in Singapore

Singapore is a leading business and financial hub in Southeast Asia. With highly developed infrastructure and one of the busiest container transshipment ports globally, the country plays an important role in international trade.

The country has a flourishing manufacturing industry, focusing on electronics, petrochemicals, aerospace, marine, and offshore sectors. It is also a key global trading hub where many products pass through. HQTS has nationwide coverage in Singapore and can assist you with quality control services locally, as well as internationally in key manufacturing regions such as China, India, and more than 40 countries globally.

Quality Control Company in Singapore

HQTS provides customised quality control services for a range of products. Our certified and trained experts and inspectors adhere to international standards and qualifications, earning the trust of over 15,000 international brands globally.

Third Party Inspection Services in Singapore

As one of Asia’s leading third party inspection companies, we can perform product inspections at virtually any product categories, from electrical and electronics, textile and apparel, steel products and solar panels. Whether you are looking for third party inspection companies in China, Malaysia, India, or Vietnam, and no matter the stage of your supply chain. We are here to support your business.

Our inspectors will evaluate your products based on several criteria, including dimensions, quantity verification, workmanship, functionality, visual inspection, and other factors, in accordance with your specifications or relevant industry standards.

Types of Quality Inspection Services

Source Inspection / Factory Audits

We understand the importance of engaging with reliable and capable suppliers. We can conduct supplier and factory audits to validate the legitimacy and capabilities of your chosen supplier in Singapore or overseas. Throughout these audits, we thoroughly assess various criteria, including:

  • Company Legality Information
  • Bank Information
  • Human Resource
  • Production Capability
  • Quality Management Systems
  • Exportation Capability
  • Order Management

Product Compliance Services

As companies extend their reach to overseas markets, ensuring that products meet and adhere to various regulatory standards becomes important. Our product compliance services are tailored to assist Singaporean businesses in navigating the complexities of global trade. We offer:

  • Consultation and training on product legislation
  • Product compliance risk assessment
  • Audit and management of technical documents
  • Market surveillance risk assessment and solution

The scope includes but not limited to: TOY, LVD, EMC GPSD, Construction Material, ROHS, ERP, WEEE, Sirim, SS and many more.

Product Testing 

HQTS operates accredited laboratories abroad for product testing, ensuring conformity with industry standards such as CE, RoHS, and REACH.

We’ve also got a large network of partnership laboratories worldwide to guarantee the safety and compliance of your products with the necessary standards.

ESG Compliance in Singapore

Our range of ESG compliance services is designed to help your organisation navigate the evolving landscape of responsible and sustainable business practices in Singapore, ranging from ESG Management Assessment, ESG Reporting, Supplier ESG Audit, to ESG Consulting for IPO. Our services are categorised in the pillars of:

  • ESG Auditing
  • ESG Supply Chain
  • ESG Investing
  • ESG Reporting
  • ESG Consulting
  • ESG Training

Product Compliance and Certification Services

HQTS has experience in regulations and technical standards. We can issue certificates of conformity in several countries, including Uganda PVoC.

Other Quality Control Services

In addition to the quality assurance services mentioned earlier, we offer:

Feel free to reach out to us today to discover more about our quality control services.

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