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Recognised industry leaders and proven track record for over 25 years

Social Responsibility

Socially, environmentally and ethically responsible business practices, for peace of mind

Global Coverage

Global network of highly-trained technical inspectors, with a strong presence in Asia.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Reduced cost, lower defect rates and increased customer satisfaction

Customised Service Solutions

Fast, flexible and customisable quality assurance service packages

Quick Market Accessibility

Certification and testing for regulatory approval and quick market access


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Industries we serve

Consumer Products and Retail​

Quality control and quality assurance refer to the processes businesses use to ensure that product quality is maintained. It also helps to reduce or eliminated defects in manufacturing so as to meet customer expectations and regulations.

Industrial Products

Quality control for machinery and equipment is critical for optimizing efficiency and improving your bottom line. Machinery and equipment inspections can be anything from a simple checklist inspection.

Food and Agriculture

Whether you are a grower, food packer, processor, distributor or a buyer of bulk feed, supplements, or food products for human consumption, you must demonstrate integrity and safety of your food products from the source, and throughout the entire food supply chain.

E-commerce Quality Assurance

HQTS is partners with various eCommerce platforms in Asia to provide several quality control and assurance services to ensure the safety and quality of products they deliver to online domestic consumers.

Energy and Commodities

HQTS provides a broad range of quality control and assurance services to the energy and commodities industries conducted according to all relevant domestic and international standards.


Whether you are in the railway, automotive, trucking or aerospace industries, HQTS has the solution for your quality needs. We bring long experience and a broad range of services to ensure the quality of the equipment, materials, and products in your transportation supply chain.

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