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Iraq Certificate of Conformity

Iraq Certificate of Conformity

Export/Import Goods to Iraq

The Iraqi Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control (COSQC) now requires a Certificate of Conformity (COC) for over 1,000 products across twelve categories. Exporters/Importers trading with Iraq must comply with the Iraqi regulations to avoid delays, penalties, or shipments being returned. HQTS is one of the four appointed companies by the COSQC licensed to provide this service, ensuring hassle-free export and compliance with the Iraqi customs regulations.

Exporters around the world are taking advantage of Iraq’s demand for imported goods. The country imported over $46 billion worth of goods in 2020. This number is expected to grow in the upcoming years as it generates wealth from foreign exports and continues its ongoing reconstruction plans. Let HQTS be your one-stop shop for all your COC Iraq needs!

Snapshot of the Iraq Certificate Of Conformity (CoC)
  • The Iraq CoC Programme was adopted in late 2019 and came into effect in January 2020.
  • All imports to Iraq within a set group of product categories must submit a CoC certification by an authorised third party inspection agency such as HQTS.
  • The programme protects local consumers, manufacturers and the environment from substandard, counterfeit, and shoddy products and materials.
  • HQTS is one of the four companies appointed to provide this service.


Why Choose HQTS for Iraq CoC?

The company is one of four appointed companies that offer Iraq CoC services. We have helped companies across the world successfully export their goods to Iraq and have a dedicated team in place to assist you at every step of the way application process.

  • More than 80 offices around the world, including Baghdad.
  • 25+ years of experience in quality assurance.
  • Quality service provider at every step of the process.
  • HQTS offers fast, flexible, and reliable services for all your inspection needs.


HQTS Simple Four-Step Process

Iraq CoC Process by HQTS

1. Apply

Submit your application form, along with your packing list, commercial invoice, importer’s statement, and a test report to us (a letter of credit may be required in some cases).

2. Document Review

The document review is completed within 1-2 working days of submission.

3. Inspection

Confirm the time and location of your shipment, and HQTS will inspect your goods and supervise the loading process before notifying you of the results. Note that HQTS also performs on-site or sample testing when required.

4. Certification Verification

The certification will be issued after the document is approved.

Additional Materials

Official Authorization Letter

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Are you importing goods into the republic of Iraq? Contact us today to learn more about our Iraq COC services!

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