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Apparel and Textile Quality Control Services

Quality Control Services for the Apparel and Textile Industry

In today’s business landscape, companies are faced with the challenge of meeting consumer expectations, while increasingly being pressured by the changes in safety, regulatory, and government standards. Failure to comply with these requirements and standard often result in costly product recalls and penalties.

At HQTS, we understand the importance of producing high-quality products that meet industry standards and regulations. Whether you are sourcing fabric material from China or buying apparel from India or Vietnam. We offer a comprehensive range of quality control services designed to mitigate risks and ensure compliance.

Quality Control Services for Apparel and Textile

Businesses dealing with softlines have to meet a range of standards, from fibre content requirements, environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing practices, flammability standards for clothing, and the EU REACH Regulation, among many others.

HQTS has been setting the standard in reliable textile quality inspection and quality control services throughout the world for decades. We provide a full range of services for all your needs.

Products Include:


Textile and Apparel Quality Inspection Services

Our technical experts and inspectors are certified and trained according to industry-leading international standards. We are accredited by CNAS for ISO17020:2012 for inspections and offer an array of inspection services, including:

  • Visual Inspection – Our inspection team will ensure that your product meets your requirements, specifically focusing on colour, style, materials, and other vital attributes.
  • Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) Inspection – We work closely with you to establish the most appropriate AQL standards, striking the optimal balance between the cost of services and market acceptance.
  • Measurement Inspection – Our inspection team will meticulously inspect your entire shipment before shipment to ensure compliance with your measurement specifications.
  • Piece by Piece inspection – Check for defects such as stains, holes, misaligned seams, and other quality issues. 
  • Pre Shipment Inspection – Inspect the semi-finished or finished goods prior to it being packed and shipped.


Textile and Apparel Testing Services

HQTS’ internationally recognised testing services will help you improve the quality of your products and meet key regulations. We provide one-stop apparel and garment testing services per ASTM, AATCC, ISO, EN, JIS, GB, and other standards. In addition to our laboratories in Ningbo and Hangzhou (China), we have an extensive network of partnered laboratories for consumer products.

Major product categories:

  • Various fibrillar component
  • Various structural fabrics
  • Garments
  • Home textiles
  • Decoration articles
  • Ecological fabrics
  • Others

Physical testing items:

  • Fibre composition analysis
  • Fabric construction
  • Measurement stability (shrinkage)
  • Colour fastness
  • Performance
  • Flammability safety
  • Eco-textile
  • Garment accessories (zipper, button, etc.)

Chemical testing items:

  • AZO
  • Allergenic disperse dyes
  • Carcinogenic dyes
  • Heavy metal
  • Formaldehydes
  • Phenols
  • PH
  • Pesticides
  • Phthalate
  • Flame retardants
  • PEoA/PFoS
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