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Amazon FBA Inspection and Testing Services in China

Amazon FBA Inspection and Testing Services

Ensure that your products conform to Amazon’s quality standards with our Amazon FBA Inspection and Testing Services in China.

As an official Amazon service provider, HQTS adheres to strict safety and quality protocols. We are one of the premier FBA inspection companies in China and take pride in ensuring your products meet the highest quality and safety standards before shipment to Amazon’s warehouses.


Amazon FBA Inspection China

We can conduct supplier verification audits and product inspections at your factory’s site before the products are shipped to Amazon warehouses. Our inspectors adhere to strict protocols to ensure that all inspections comply with Amazon’s regulations.

The inspections can be carried out at various stages, including:

  • During Process Inspection: Check random samples during production to ensure they conform to the required specifications and maintain quality standards.
  • Pre Shipment InspectionsInspect a sample of the products before shipment to Amazon FBA warehouse to ensure they meet their quality and safety standards.
  • Packaging and Labeling Inspection: Examine if the packaging meets Amazon’s packaging guidelines, and verify the accuracy of product labels, including compliance with Amazon’s labelling requirements and more.
Product Testing Laboratory for Amazon Sellers

HQTS offers a range of e-Commerce product testing services to ensure that your products are safe to use and comply with industry-specific or country-specific regulations, including but not limited to RoHS, REACH, CPSIA, EN-71, ASTM, and other applicable standards.

Other Quality Control Services for Amazon Sellers

Whether you’re expanding your product line and need guidance on technical or safety regulations or training on quality management systems, HQTS is here to help. We offer a range of e-commerce quality control solutions beyond FBA inspections China, including:

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