Footwear Testing and Quality Inspections - HQTS Quality Control

Footwear Testing and Quality Inspections

Footwear Testing and Quality Inspections

HQTS quality control inspection and testing services for footwear ensures that your customer are receiving the quality level they have come to expect from you.

Our services provide quality assessments and monitoring from the point materials arrive at the factory through loading the product for shipping. And, at any point in between. Our industry educated technicians, perform quality control inspections from cutting through stitching all the way to final packing.

Our experts offer technical guidance in conforming to industry, regulatory and your exacting standards,. We also ensure compliance with all USA, European and international directives, standards and testing requirements such as: AATCC, ASTM, REACH, ISO, GB, and others. This is in addition to our own exacting performance guidelines and testing methods for footwear products.

Because reliable, high quality footwear has a significant impact on customer satisfaction and brand success, working with HQTS can help you avoid the issues that put your bottom line at risk.

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