Container Loading Inspections

Container Loading Inspections service guarantees that HQTS technical staff are monitoring the entire loading process. We check that your order is complete and securely loaded into the container before shipment. This inspection is the final opportunity to confirm compliance with your requirements in terms of quantity, assortment, and packaging.

Container Loading Inspection Services

This quality control inspection usually takes place at the factory as cargo is being loaded into the shipping container. The inspection and supervision process includes a condition evaluation of the shipping container, verification of product information, quantities loaded, packaging compliance, and overall supervision of the loading process. Once the container is loaded, an HQTS seal is applied to the container to reduce the risk of product substitution after loading.

Process of container loading inspection

Any container loading supervision starts with a container inspection. If the container is in good shape and the goods are to 100% packaged the loading inspection proceeds. The inspector verifies that the correct goods were packaged and that all of the client’s specifications were met. While the loading of the container commences will the inspector verifies that the correct quantity of product is being loaded. Our inspector will continuously monitor the container stuffing to ensure the products will be handled with care.

After all the goods are loaded, the inspector seals the container with the client’s seal and with our own seal. Lastly, an inspection report documenting the inspection and loading of the products will be issued.

  • A record of weather conditions, the arrival time of container, record of the container and truck number
  • Full container inspection and evaluation to assess any damage, interior moisture, perforations, and smell test to detect mold or rot
  • Confirm the quantity of goods and condition of the shipping cartons
  • Random selection of sample cartons to verify the packaged products in the shipping cartons
  • Supervise the loading process to ensure proper handling, minimize breakage, and maximize space utilization
  • Seal the container with the customs’ seal and HQTS seal
  • Record the seal numbers and departure time of container

Container Loading Inspection Certificate

By sealing the container with our tamper evident seal the client can rest assured that no outside tampering of their products after our loading supervision occurs.

Container Loading Inspection Report

The loading inspection report documents the quantity of the goods, the condition of packaging and container and the process of the container stuffing procedure. Furthermore, photos document all steps of the loading supervision visually.

Inspector will check a range of important items to ensure accurate quantities of products are loaded and handled correctly to protect ensure container stuffing in good condition. Inspector also verifies the container is properly sealed and the documentation for customs inspection is available. Loading container supervision checklists meets product specifications and other key criteria.

Before starting container stuffing procedure, inspector need to check container structural stability and nothing signs of damage, testing the locking mechanisms, inspecting the shipping container exterior and more. Once the container inspection has been completed, the inspector will issue the report to indicating the container and all goods are ready to for shipment.

Why are container loading inspections important?

The hard use and handling of shipping containers result in problems that can impact the quality of your goods during transport. We see a breakdown of weatherproofing around doors, damage other structure, ingress of water from leaks and the resultant mold or rotting wood.

Additionally, some suppliers do enforce particular lading methods by employees, resulting in poorly packed containers, thereby increasing costs or damaged goods from poor stacking.

A container loading inspection can help mitigate these issues, saving you time, aggravation, loss of goodwill with customers, and money.

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