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Civil Work Quality Inspection

Civil Work Third Party Quality Inspection

As a globally recognised leader in third-party quality control, HQTS offers civil work inspection services tailored to the diverse needs of your projects, ensuring complete adherence to regulatory compliance across all stages.

Project-Based Quality Control Manpower Supply

Whether it is completing a hotel development project or urgently requiring a quality inspector for an infrastructure venture, HQTS’s project-based quality inspector manpower supply provides certified and experienced civil work inspectors for your project. We offer unmatched flexibility and competitive pricing.

A Customised Approach for Quality Control Plan for Civil Works

Every civil supervisor work project presents unique challenges and specific requirements. We will align our civil work inspection programmes with your project’s unique specifications. The general tasks and responsibilities that our inspectors often handle include:

  • Execution Oversight: Monitor, maintain, and follow up on civil supervisor work, keeping complete records concerning the execution of the works.
  • Final Inspections: Conduct the final inspection for certification of final completion.
  • Contractor Oversight: Ensure that work by contractors aligns with the contract documents and accepted practice.
  • Material Inspection: Oversee on-site and off-site materials, organising field and laboratory tests for compliance and acceptability.
  • Safety Monitoring: Identify potential safety concerns and communicate with contractors.
  • Regulatory Adherence: Ensure availability of statutory authority NOCs, permits, and design approvals on-site.
  • Quality Monitoring: Raise non-conformance notices (NCNs), conduct site inspection notices (SINs), and oversee corrective actions.
  • Route Supervision: Supervise route issues including hand hole clean-up, sign placement, and weed control.

Global Reach, Local Expertise

HQTS’s seasoned, qualified civil work inspectors are strategically located in over 40 countries across the globe, providing quality control manpower supply to meet various project needs. Contact us today to explore our offerings and get a quotation for your project.

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