HQTS Quality Control

Hardgoods Testing

Hardgoods Testing

HQTS-QAI has been helping companies ensure the unique safety and compliance requirements of a broad range of hardgoods since 2003. Our veteran scientific and engineering staff can provide technical guidance, quality assurance, specifications assessments, training and import export compliance evaluation.

Ceramic and Glass

Ceramic and glassware play a unique role in contributing to a healthy life and a clean environment, especially when they are used as food containers. With mounting concern regarding safety issues, and implementation of even stricter regulations, it is imperative for manufacturers and buyers to be sure their products are tested to market-specific and regulatory standards. HQTS-QAI has been helping companies ensure the unique safety and compliance requirements of a broad range of hardgoods since 2003. To meet these increasing demands, HQTS-QAI labs provide you with full package of ceramic and glassware testing solutions to mitigate your risk and improve the bottom line in your global market.

Major testing items are listed as below:

Chemical testing

  • FDA, food grade test
  • Lead content on surface coating
  • Lead and cadmium content
  • EU food grade test

Physical testing

  • Wipe test
  • Annealing
  • Thermal shock (just glassware)
  • Dishwasher test
  • Water absorption test
  • Microwave test

Candle product testing

With improvement of life standard and technology level, candle is used to create atmospheres rather than illumination. Besides adding special beauty and air of tranquility to our homes, candles also present an inherent danger; an open flame and potential for fire. With the growing popularity of candles, incidents of candle related fires have increased, thus safety has become a priority when buying candles, and other open flame products. To help you confront this challenge, we offer a full range of tests for candles and accessories to determine the following:

  • Warning label check
  • Candles burning safety
  • Flame height
  • Other ignition
  • End of useful life
  • Candle stability
  • Candle container compatibility and burner
  • Sharp temperature change proof of candle container
  • Thermal Shock
  • Lead content of wick

Wood and Wood Products Testing

The use of wood and wood products is quite common and irreplaceable in our life. The safety as well as the hazardous substances in wood products has also been attached great importance by consumers and the governments of all the countries. A lot of strict regulations and production standards have been implemented in all the countries to ensure the product safety. HQTS-QAI is capable of providing a whole set of professional testing services according to EN, ASTM, BS and GB standards, so as to guard the safety and compliance of your products.

Major product categories

  • Wood panel and finishing product
  • Wood-based panel and surface decorated wood-based panel
  • Indoor wood-based furniture
  • Wood panel
  • Wood preservative
  • Paint on furniture

Major testing items

  • Formaldehyde (the flask method)
  • Formaldehyde (the perforator method)
  • Formaldehyde (walk-in chamber reference method)
  • PCP
  • Cu, Cr, As
  • Soluble lead, cadmium, chromium, mercury
Other Quality Control Services

We service a wide range of consumer goods including

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