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Food & Agriculture Inspections

Food safety accidents are a real possibility these days, meaning increased scrutiny and rigorous standards on production and other areas. From farmlands to dining tables, each stage of the entire food supply chain challenged by product safety, quality, and effectiveness. Food and agriculture quality standards are of the utmost importance and central focus for industry authorities and consumers.

Whether you are a grower, food packer, or hold any other important role in the food supply chain, it’s your duty to demonstrate integrity and promote safety from the source. But these assurances can only be given where the growing, processing, procurement, and shipping are regularly monitored and tested by specialized staff.

We comply with national laws and regulations and carry out quality services based on the following standards:

  • Food sampling inspection standards: CAC/GL 50-2004, ISO 8423:1991, GB/T 30642, etc.
  • Food sensory evaluation standards: CODEX, ISO, GB, and other classification standards.

Food testing and analysis standards: domestic and international standards, a range of standards related to microbiology detection, pesticide residues detection, physico-chemical analysis, etc.

Factory/store audit standards: ISO9000, ISO14000, ISO22000, HACCP.

Our Food and Agriculture Inspection Services:

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