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Transportation Supply Chain

Whether you are in the railway, automotive, trucking or aerospace industries, HQTS has the solution for your quality needs. We bring long experience and a broad range of services to ensure the quality of the equipment, materials, and products in your transportation supply chain.

Automotive parts

The quality of automotive parts is directly proportional to the safety and performance of a car. It is critical to devote more attention to the quality of automotive parts to improve safety and usability, thereby increasing your brand value.

The purchasing process for automotive parts can be complex due to the varied specifications, supplier capabilities and diverse locations. HQTS has conducted quality assurance services for automotive industry for several years, through our global service locations.

We are ready and cable of meeting your requirements for quality, reliability and safety of your automotive products, thereby improving your market competitiveness. Our experienced inspectors execute according PPAP procedures well can help you control the products quality during each phase of the production process.

Some of the automotive parts we can service include:

Engine parts, automotive interiors, automotive exteriors, powertrain accessories, brake fittings, steering accessories, wheel systems, undercarriage systems, body accessories, steering systems, travel accessories, electrical instrumentation accessories, car modification, security systems, comprehensive accessories, audio and video appliances, chemical care, maintenance equipment, power tools and so on.

Our Service

  • Factory Audit
  • Inspection service
  • Pre-production Inspection
  • PPAP procedure
  • Pre-shipment Inspection
  • Selection and repair
  • Testing
  • Loading/Uploading inspection

Inspection Services

Our experienced team evaluates based on PPAP procedures for the following:

  • Pre production inspection
  • General inspection of appearance, performance and function to discover parts out of compliance before PPAP mass production, allowing suppliers to analysis the issues and make relevant adjustments to avoid risk of production delays and/or additional costs due to poor quality parts.
  • PPAP Procedure
  • To reduce the out of compliance parts, we supervise the of the device indicators during production, including:
    • Before production, supervise the quality and quantity of material to see if they meet the purchasing plans requirements;
    • Perform an inspection to the size, appearance and function during production according to requirements;
    • Record the key process parameters of the factory to see if it runs according to plan;
    • Check device functionality to ensure proper operation;
    • Reduce non-compliant products: check if they cheat on labor and materials if the handwork is qualified and if environments layout suit for production.
  • Pre-shipment Inspection
  • Perform a sample inspection to quantity, size, appearance, function and packing before shipment according to blueprint and purchase order.
  • Sample and rework or repair
  • When out of compliance products are found during production, we can provide an emergency selection of unqualified products for discard, or rework.


HQTS provide testing service for automotive parts, to help you meet the requirements for each production phase, to reduce your risk and enhance your market position.

Some of testing services we provide:

Chemical composition analysis, metallographic analysis, hardness testing, tensile strength, yield strength, extensibility, roughness of surface, coating thickness, magnetic powder inspection, ultrasonic flaw detection, X-ray pressure resistance inspection, air tight test, , vehicle flame retardant material test, vehicle interior hazardous substance test, material aging test, conditioning test, temperature and humidity test, waterproof and aging test, impact test, bending test, overpressure test, ignition pulse test, insulation resistance test, short circuit test, drop test, rigidity test, crash test, mechanical shock test, gas corrosion resistance test, chemical reagent resistance test, high acceleration test, working voltage test, electrical current test.

We independently observe and confirm results of factory tests, such as:

Rainfall, and water ingress and leak, intermodulation, vibration, salt spray, environmental conditions response, , factory internal testing systems and processes, testing equipment condition and calibration.


Whether you are a component manufacturer or supplier to the rolling stock industry, you must comply with a wide range of safety and regulatory requirements. We offer a full range of rail services to support your supply chain needs.

Services We Provide

  • Prepare for certification to supply rolling stock to the industry
  • Provide independent check and testing of rolling stock or components
  • Confirm the quality and performance of materials and components
  • Ensure compliance with applicable regulations
  • Outsource the skills and expertise you need for specific projects

Aviation & Aerospace

Products manufactured and sold for the aerospace and aviation industries must comply with strict regulations and standards. From manufacturers and suppliers to retail after-market companies, HQTS offers you a wide range of specialized services to ensure your products comply with regulatory and technical standards, as well as your demanding requirements.

Services We Provide

  • Pre-production Inspection
  • During Production Inspection
  • Pre-Shipment Inspection
  • Product Management
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