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Fertilizers Testing and Inspection Services

Verify that your fertilizers comply with strict regulations and are safe with HQTS fertilizers testing and inspection services.

Low-quality fertilizers can contain hazardous substances that pose significant environmental, human health, and animal welfare risks. Safeguard the integrity of your fertilizer products through HQTS’ specialized quality control services.

Fertilizer Quality Control Services

HQTS provides quality control solutions, offering certification, inspection, and product testing within the food industry. We serve a range of products used in the food and agricultural sector, including:

Fertilizer Inspection and Audit Services

HQTS can inspect your products at any stage of the supply chain, from auditing your suppliers to assessing raw materials in pre-production inspections and verifying the weight and quantity of goods before shipment.

After the inspection, HQTS can issue a third party inspection certificate or report for the fertilizer material.

Fertilizer Testing in Laboratory

HQTS can take representative samples from production batches or shipments for testing purposes. The samples can be analyzed in fertilizer testing laboratories using different fertilizer testing methods, including:

  • Test for chemical or physical properties
  • Quality and nutrient content levels
  • Primary fertilizer nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphates, and potassium.

Other Quality Control Services for Fertilizers

In addition to the mentioned services, we can offer various services. These include consultancy services to ensure compliance with regulatory frameworks and issuing Certificates of Conformity to demonstrate adherence to quality standards and regulatory requirements.

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