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Heavy Machinery Quality Control Services and Inspections

Verify that your heavy machinery meets the highest performance and safety standards with HQTS-tailored quality assurance services for heavy machinery.

HQTS offers third-party quality control services for heavy machinery, from inspection and testing services to auditing your supplier before you make the purchase. We are your one-stop quality control partner.

Quality Control for Heavy Machinery

Industries such as construction and mining heavily rely on heavy machinery, but purchasing this equipment from distant suppliers or factories can pose significant challenges to guaranteeing their quality and safety.

HQTS offer a wide range of quality assurance services for a range of heavy machinery, including:

Whether you need an excavator china inspection or a supplier audit in India – we are here for you.

Heavy Machinery Inspection

Our technical inspections assess the heavy machinery’s appearance, usage, working condition, and field testing according to production requirements. Our heavy machinery inspection report will highlight any defects or non-conformities found during the inspection.

Our main objective is to provide you with information to make an informed decision on whether to accept or reject the machinery before it is shipped to you.

Heavy Machinery Supplier Audit

Our audits are ideal for evaluating your supplier before you pay any deposit.

The audit ranges from verifying your supplier’s legitimacy through a supplier audit to an in-depth evaluation of its factory, production processes, quality control procedures, and more through a factory audit.

Heavy Machinery Testing

We conduct various tests prior to shipment to ensure your heavy machinery meets industry standards and specifications. Our testing includes checking the machinery’s visual appearance, performance, functionality, specifications, related documents, and safety features.

Other Heavy Machinery Quality Control Services

In addition to inspection, testing, and supplier auditing, we offer targeted quality assurance services for heavy machinery, including:

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