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Excavator Inspection and Quality Control Methods

Ensure that your excavators meet the highest performance and safety standards with the help of HQTS excavator quality control services.

HQTS offers a range of quality assurance services to reduce the risks associated with sourcing non-compliant products from your supplier and improve your overall quality control practices.

Excavator Quality Assurance Services

At HQTS, we offer various excavator quality assurance services to reduce your risks when purchasing heavy machinery and ensure its performance. Our primary services include excavator inspection and testing, and audits.

The main product categories that we serve include:

Excavator Inspection and Testing

We offer various excavator quality inspection services, from used excavator inspections to new machinery. Our experienced inspectors conduct excavator inspections at different stages, from production to loading and unloading.

They follow a rigorous excavator inspection checklist to evaluate the visual appearance, performance and functionality, specifications, and related documents.

Excavator Testing Methods

We incorporate excavator testing methods into our quality inspections, conducting machinery’s performance evaluation and functionality through a field test. This includes checking the assembly, effectiveness of the brakes, mobility, controls and gauges, hydraulic system, functional test and more.

Supplier Audit of Excavator Supplier

Our audits are optimal for evaluating the supplier before you pay any deposit. Our audits range from a simple supplier check to a comprehensive factory audit, covering a broad range of factory procedures and quality management systems. 

Other Services

At HQTS, we possess industry-leading knowledge in quality assurance services. We can be your one-stop-quality partner offering services such as:

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