Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 on the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals entered into force on 1 June, 2007. Its aim is to strengthen the management of the production and use of chemicals for increasing the protection of human health and environment. REACH applies to substances, mixtures and articles, impacts most products placed on EU market.

Based on the evaluation of chemicals, European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) included some high-risk chemicals into SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern). The first 15 SVHC list was published on October 28, 2008. And with the new SVHCs added continuously, currently total 181 SVHCs have been published until Jan. 15 of 2018. According to the ECHA schedule, a “Candidate List” of additional substances for possible future inclusion in the list will be published continuously. If the concentration of this SVHC is >0.1% by weight in the product, then the obligation of communication applies to the suppliers along the supply chain. In addition, for these articles, if the total quantity of this SVHC is manufactured or imported in the EU at >1 tone/year, then notification obligation applies.

The restriction on the marketing and use of hazardous chemicals are listed in the Annex XVII of the REACH regulation. So far, there are 68 chemicals in total.

Below table listed REACH ANNEX XVIII part high risk or High concern restricted substances limit:


  • Consultant about chemical substance REGISTER
  • SVHCs screening test of REACH ANNEX XVII Restriction substance list
  • Process audit
  • Technique support for MSDS/SDS
  • To assist you, HQTS will put a series of REACH awareness training programs.


  • Chemicals
  • Electrical & Electronic products, motors
  • Textiles, shoes, leather, accessories


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factory audit

Factory Audits & Supplier Audits

The key criteria an HQTS factory and supplier audit assesses are facilities, policies, procedures and records that verify a factory’s ability to deliver consistent quality products over time, rather than at one given time or only for certain products.

During Production Inspection

During Production Inspection (DPI) or otherwise known as DUPRO, is a quality control inspection conducted while production is underway, and is especially good for products that are in continuous production.

preshipment inspection

Pre-Shipment Inspection

The Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) is one of many types of quality control inspections conducted by HQTS. It is an important step in the quality control process and is the method for checking the quality of goods before they are shipped.

piece by piece inspection

Piece by Piece Inspection

A piece by piece inspection is a service provided by HQTS which entails checking each and every item to evaluate a range of variables.