Building safety audits aim to analyze the integrity and safety of your commercial or industrial buildings and premises and identify and solve building safety related risks, helping you ensure appropriate working conditions throughout your supply chain and confirm compliance with international safety standards.

HQTS building safety audits include a comprehensive building and premises check including:

  • Electrical safety check
  • Fire safety check
  • Structural safety check

Electrical safety check:

Review of existing documentation (single line diagram, building drawings, layout and distribution systems)

  • Electrical device safety check (CBs, fuses, power, UPS circuits, earthing and lightning protection systems)
  • Hazardous area classification and selection: flameproof electrical equipment, switch gear rating, photo thermograph for distribution systems, etc. 

Fire safety check: 

  • Fire hazard identification
  • Review of existing mitigation measures (visibility, awareness training, evacuation drills, etc.)
  • Review of existing preventive systems and the adequacy of egress way
  • Review of existing addressable/automatic systems and work procedures (smoke detection, work permits, etc.)
  • Check for adequacy of fire and first aid equipment (fire hose, extinguisher, etc.)
  • Adequacy check of Travel distance

Structural safety check: 

  • Review of documentation (legal License, building approval, architectural drawings, structural drawings, etc.)
  • Visual inspection:
    • Visual cracks
    • Dampness
    • Deviation from the approved design
    • Size of structural members
    • Additional or unapproved loads
    • Inclination checking of steel column
  • Non Destructive Test (NDT): identifying the strength of concrete and steel reinforcement within

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