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HQTS Manufacturer Audits are an important step in a quality vendor evaluation process. Our professional auditors can help you to determine if certain representations made by a vendor are accurate. This is so important in developing countries where some suppliers will do or say just about anything to land your business.

Our standard factory audit can be customized to your requirements, but is typically comprised and priced at two levels. A simple Standard Factory Audit and a Technical Factory Audit.

The Standard Factory Audit includes the following:

  • Factory ownership
  • Legal operating status
  • Confirm facilities locations
  • Business size and employee count
  • General production capabilities

The Technical Factory Audit includes the above, as well as a department-by-department review and verification of:

  • Facilities condition including structure, number of workers, labor law compliance, area of workshop, etc.
  • Evaluate the manufacturer’s production system, including working condition, facilities, machines, technical capability and environmental control system.
  • Evaluate the quality system to ensure the presence of inspectors and correct methodology for quality control
  • Evaluate the management capability
  • Evaluate the financial condition, including registered capital, bank credit grade

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