The Guide to China Factory Audits: Evaluating Supplier Capabilities

Factory Audit Guide

As a business owner, there is a great deal of risk whenever you’re dealing with a new supplier. Is their business legitimate? Will they be able to meet your quality standards? The best way is to evaluate your new suppliers through factory audit services. In this article, we’ll look at what general third-party factory audits […]

Quality Inspections: A Guide to Visual Inspection Techniques

visual inspection in quality inspections

In today’s intricate supply chain, maintaining high-quality standards is becoming more crucial and challenging. However, cost factors are often a big concern. One common and cost-effective technique for quality control is the visual inspection. In this article, we’ll look at the primary visual inspection techniques used in quality control.   What is Visual Inspection? Visual […]

Pre Shipment Inspection for Food Products: A Buyer’s Guide

food pre shipment inspection

Imagine you’ve just received a large shipment of food products from a supplier. As you start inspecting the products, you notice that some of them are damaged, not properly labeled, and do not meet the required quality standards. It’s a nightmare for any food business owner, and it could have been prevented with a pre-shipment […]

A Guide to Product Inspections in China: Ensuring Quality and Compliance

product inspection china

China is a popular destination for sourcing products due to its competitive manufacturing and cost-effective production. However when dealing with suppliers in locations that may be located thousands of miles away from you, quality control can be challenging. Quality inspections serve as a vital tool to assess the product quality, workmanship, and compliance with specifications. […]

Why Is Asia The Best for Importing Textiles, Garments, and Footwear to Australia?

Demand for textile, clothing, and footwear in Australia Although Australia produces textiles and garments locally, the industry has declined in recent years due to high labour costs, competition from overseas manufacturers, and changing consumer preferences. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), the textile, clothing, and footwear manufacturing industry had approximately 37,500 workers in […]

Valve Inspections: A Guide for Product Quality

Valve Inspection Checklist

Valves are used in many safety-critical applications, such as in the oil and gas industries. Like many other industrial products, these equipment are often sourced in Asia, with valve manufacturers in China and India being common. However, this also means that purchasing valves comes with significant risks. In addition to fraudulent valve suppliers posing as […]

Factory Audits in India: Lessons Learned From Our Audits

As companies look to diversify their supply chains, India is gaining popularity as a sourcing destination. However, sourcing from India carries risks due to numerous stories of fraudulent companies and suppliers pretending to be factories. One effective method to mitigate these risks is conducting factory audits in India. This article will guide you through the […]

Sourcing from India: A Guide for Buyers

sourcing from india

India has a long history of manufacturing. The country has in recent years become a sought-after destination for companies looking to diversify their supply chain. Despite having hundreds of years’ experience of producing textiles, hardwoods, and other goods, there are still many challenges that buyers must take into account while sourcing from the country. In this […]

What Is a Material Test Certificate (Mill Test Certificate)?

Mill Test Report

The Material Test Certificate, or also known as Mill Test Certificate, play an important role in the quality control of materials in multiple industries, including manufacturing, construction, and oil and gas. But often, many buyers find it difficult to understand the certificates. In this article, we’ll introduce you to material test certificates, explain their significance […]

Food Quality Control: A Guide to Audits, Inspections and More

food quality control methods

In today’s intricate food supply chain, the importance of food quality control is rapidly increasing. With food production, packaging, and shipping spanning vast distances to reach distant countries, upholding high-quality standards has become increasingly challenging. Whether you’re a food manufacturer or an importer of food products, establishing and implementing an effective quality management system is […]