Explaining AQL 2.5 for Quality Inspections

AQL stands for Acceptance Quality Limit, representing the maximum number of defective units, beyond when a certain batch is rejected. Importers can set different AQLs for critical, major and minor defects. Most Asian exporters are familiar with this type of setting and AQL 2.5 forms part of hundreds of purchase orders sent to Chinese manufacturers. […]

ANSI VS ASTM: Understand the differences

When dealing with the import, export, and creation of protective footwear, regulations are put in place to ensure a standard of quality and safety are upheld for the products. Within rules, several governing bodies manage these. In the United States, all working environments are managed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regarding regulations. […]

All about the new SASO RoHS regulation for Saudi Arabia

In November 2020, The Saudi Arabian Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) notified the World Trade Organization (WTO) of a new technical regulation for Saudi Arabia RoHS. The new policy aims to restrict the use of certain hazardous materials in electrical and electronic equipment. Plus, the policy defines the conformity assessment procedures to which all […]

Soft Toy Safety Regulations: What You Need To Know

Stuffed toys are an extremely popular consumer good. The global stuffed animal & plush toys market size was valued at USD 7.98 billion in 2018 and is forecasted to have continuous growth year on year.  However, there are several regulations in place to act as a safeguard to ensure product quality and safety are upheld […]

What is Production Monitoring in Quality Control?

Peace of mind is something vital for organizations. Having a clear understanding of the quality of their goods assists can help supply chains become more agile to potential issues with products and allows them to find pain points within production to optimize. Because of this, the introduction of production monitoring can be a valuable asset […]

A guide to Importing Machinery from China

Within 2018, China’s largest export is machinery, reaching $3.18 trillion in value. Due to a large amount of choice within the market, careful consideration must be taken with choosing who, how you work with suppliers, and this ensures goods are compliant with the legal and safety requirements to allow them into your chosen country.  This […]

All you need to know about UKCA Marking and Testing in 2021

With the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, new regulations will be put in place to fill the void in which EU legislation has left. One of these significant regulatory transitions is the move from the EU’s CE marking, which is a clear indicator that products complied with European product standards, to the newly formed […]

Guide to Import E-Scooters from China

The electric scooter and motorcycles market is forecasted to reach over $12 billion by 2025. As the increasing pollution is a worry to the population, electric bikes are becoming more and more popular as they do not produce any emissions. Also, electric bikes are very silent and therefore, do not cause noise pollution, they can […]

How to Source Clothing from China: Tips For Finding The Right Manufacturer

How to Source clothing from China: Tips For Finding The Right Manufacturer China is one of the largest sources of textile and apparel clothing in the world. In 2019 China exported 151.6 billion USD worth of textiles and apparel, with clothing accumulating 70% of this. China also has a 31.6% share of the global market, […]

The Complete Guide to China Pre-shipment Inspections

China has become a world leader for exporting goods, with 2591.1 Billion USD worth of imports within 2019. With this, it has become a growing and profitable opportunity for organizations to do business. However, many countries implement strict regulations and requirements for all products entering their respective country. This is dependent on the type of […]