All you need to know about UKCA Marking and Testing in 2021

With the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, new regulations will be put in place to fill the void in which EU legislation has left. One of these significant regulatory transitions is the move from the EU’s CE marking, which is a clear indicator that products complied with European product standards, to the newly formed […]

Guide to Import E-Scooters from China

The electric scooter and motorcycles market is forecasted to reach over $12 billion by 2025. As the increasing pollution is a worry to the population, electric bikes are becoming more and more popular as they do not produce any emissions. Also, electric bikes are very silent and therefore, do not cause noise pollution, they can […]

How to Source Clothing from China: Tips For Finding The Right Manufacturer

How to Source clothing from China: Tips For Finding The Right Manufacturer China is one of the largest sources of textile and apparel clothing in the world. In 2019 China exported 151.6 billion USD worth of textiles and apparel, with clothing accumulating 70% of this. China also has a 31.6% share of the global market, […]

The Complete Guide to China Pre-shipment Inspections

China has become a world leader for exporting goods, with 2591.1 Billion USD worth of imports within 2019. With this, it has become a growing and profitable opportunity for organizations to do business. However, many countries implement strict regulations and requirements for all products entering their respective country. This is dependent on the type of […]

HQTS Interviews Steven Andrews, RoHS Environmental expert from Assent Compliance

HQTS recently interviews Steven Andrews, a RoHS environmental expert about Trends, Regulations and explains any of the latest updates regarding the Electrical and Electronics industry. Steven works for Assent Compliance, based in Canada, but has global locations in Europe, Malaysia, Africa. They are a software and solutions company, allowing companies to contact their supply chains […]

How Oil And Gas Upstream Companies Can benefit From Quality Control Inspections

The Oil and Gas industry is regulated heavily, with legislation constantly evolving and becoming more strict. With major incidents occurring like Deepwater horizon, safety and the protection of an organisation reputation is also at for forefront of the industry. With this in mind, keeping up to date with these quality standards and complying with all […]

What is a supplier audit, and why is it for an organisations supply chain?

Within today’s globalised market, there are many choices as to whom organisations choose to work with. This is especially true with suppliers. Due to this, careful thought and consideration are needed from manufacturers and retailers to make sure the correct suppliers are chosen to collaborate with.  There are several processes that can assist in this […]

The Hainan Free Trade Port Law brings new market opportunities

Hainan is China’s biggest special economic zone and boasts the biggest pilot free trade zone and features strong Chinese characteristics. The building of the Chinese style free trade port is a big project planned, guided, and promoted by General Secretary Xi Jinping in the Country’s reform and opening-up plan and is a strategic implementation made […]

Seven common defects of shoes and solutions around them

Shoes are a commonplace purchase for consumers and an essential part of anyone’s wardrobe. Therefore each pair of shoes must be perfect before finishing footwear production. However, this is not always the case. Quality issues can occur during footwear manufacturing which makes a shoe defective. This can be due to several common reasons. This article […]