First Meeting of Professional Committee of Standardization and Quality Management Was Held in Xi’an

The first meeting of Standardization and Quality Management Committee of the China Import & Export Inspection and Quarantine Branch was successfully held in Xi’an on December 11, 2017. 31 members from Committee units and related agencies attended the meeting. As Vice President of the Committee, a member of HQTS Executive staff also participated the meeting.


The meeting reviewed The Management of Professionals Committee and discussed the establishment of an industry code of conduct, with the following consensus results:


  1. Examined and approved the details of the – The Management of Professionals Committee – and determined that term of office for members of Technical Committees is five years.


  1. Developed a set of industry self-discipline standards that focus on laws and regulations, codes of conduct, professional ethics, social responsibility and good faith principles, while emphasizing bottom-line thinking that consider factors related to the intersection of Chinese characteristics and international rules and gray areas, with operable and evaluable standards; and develop service specification standards that focus on positive factors such as market and service awareness, with operable and evaluable standards.


  1. Established the corresponding evaluation and review procedures when developing the industry self-discipline and group standard of service specifications.


  1. The Professional Committee should establish regulatory requirements for freelancers who work for multiple clients, to ensure safety and rule of law for the benefit of the clients, and protection of the freelancer.


  1. Should establish a “blacklist” of industry practitioners who are proven to have violated the established rules and regulations as set forth in the industry standards.


  1. Should establish a technical platform to manage the internal and external complaints process, as well as the resolution and legal processes, and additional services for members and clients.


Based on the consensus results, the Professional Committee will upgrade the industry self-discipline convention to a group standard with realistic, real-life working expectations, to ensure the whole of the inspection and testing industry operates under standardized conditions, improving overall service and quality, and to advance industry health, and stable development.