Germany Releases New Requirements for PAHs in GS Certification Products

On Sep. 15, 2019, the Committee for Product Safety of Germany (AfPS) has determined the revision of the requirements for PAHs in GS certification products. AfPS GS 2019:01 PAK is mandatory from 1st July 2020 onwards. (Issue date of GS-Mark-Certifications), and the documents AfPS GS 2014:01 PAK is getting invalid from 30th June 2020.

New requirements Update as below:

  1. PAH list changed from 18 items to 15 items, removed Acenaphthylene, Acenaphthene and Fluorene

2. Category Contents changed:

GS mark certificates, issued before 1st July, 2020

Existing GS mark certificates remain valid.

3. Table: Limits for PAHs in the new standard (mg/kg)