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HQTS Leads Conformity Assessment Workshop with Uganda’s Regulatory Authorities

HQTS, a leading quality assurance service provider, partnered with the Petroleum Authority of Uganda (PAU) and the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) to host a workshop aimed at educating stakeholders about the Uganda Pre-Export Verification of Conformity (Uganda PAU Program).

With Uganda’s growing prominence as a significant participant in the global petroleum market, particularly with projects like Tilenga, Kingfisher, and EACOP, ensuring adherence to quality standards is crucial for compliance throughout the design, construction, installation, operation, and decommissioning phases of petroleum activities and midstream operations.

The workshop, held on March 28th, 2024, at Speke Resort in Munyonyo, Kampala, marks a significant milestone in HQTS’s efforts to educate stakeholders in the oil and gas sector about the Uganda Pre-Export Verification of Conformity (Uganda PAU Program).

The Uganda PAU program applies to imported specialized materials and equipment used in oil and gas projects in Uganda. All imports of related oil and gas equipment and materials must adhere to Ugandan standards at the country of origin and possess a Certificate of Conformity (CoC) issued by an appointed service agent.

Key stakeholders from the industry discussed topics such as the PAU PVOC process, required application documents, service provider procedures, and the introduction of the HQTS online system to streamline the PAU PVOC application process. Through presentations, interactive sessions, and networking opportunities, participants engaged in knowledge exchange. The entire workshop was conducted under the supervision of Ms. Jennifer Chen, Regional President of HQTS Group, along with officials from PAU and UNBS.

HQTS is one of only two globally authorized companies by the PAU for Pre-Export Verification of Conformity Assessments in Uganda’s oil and gas sector. The company offers comprehensive certification services and boasts over 25 years of industry-leading expertise, a global service network for quick accessibility, and tailored solutions to your unique business needs, regardless of your size. For inquiries or questions concerning the Uganda PAU Program, contact HQTS at inquiry@hqts.com.


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