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HQTS 30th Anniversary Logo Contest


We’ve weathered thirty years of storms, tackled challenges head-on, and pushed boundaries in the testing, inspection, and certification industry. Now, as we step into our thirtieth anniversary with a renewed sense of purpose, HQTS Group is gearing up to celebrate this milestone in 2025 with the support of our global community.

To kick off the festivities, we’re excited to announce the launch of our 30th-anniversary corporate logo competition.

  • Who can join: We’re reaching out to individuals, businesses, and organizations worldwide, inviting everyone to join us in this creative venture.
  • Collection Period: Submissions are open from the date of this announcement until May 31, 2024. We’ll consider the date of the received email.

Collection Requirements

  1. We’re looking for designs that include a logo, and a mascot.
  2. Designs should capture the essence of HQTS Group’s 30-year journey, blending our rich history with innovation and creativity. Think harmonious color palettes, simplicity, and memorability.
  3. Designs should be adaptable, suitable for use across various platforms and settings.
  4. We’re accepting file formats such as AI, JPEG, or TIFF, with a resolution of at least 300 pixels per inch. Files should be no smaller than 2MB. Also, include a brief design concept explanation, no more than 300 words.

HQTS Group Overview

HQTS is a global leader in third-party quality control, with over 25 years of experience, trusted by over 15,000 international brands. Our network spans 40+ countries. We offer diverse services at every step of the supply chain, including inspections, testing, audits, and sustainability solutions, ensuring product quality and supply chain resilience.

Note: For more information about HQTS Group, please visit www.hqts.com

Submission Process

Send your design proposals to our designated email address for the HQTS Group corporatelogo competition to: marketing@hqts.com. Please use the subject line “HQTS Group 30th Anniversary Logo.


Awards and Recognition

  1. Our committee will evaluate the submitted designs. Finalists will be chosen based on a scoring system from the committee based on:
    1. Creativity and Originality: The extent to which the design reflects innovative ideas and originality while effectively capturing the essence of HQTS Group’s 30-year journey.
    2. Emotional Connection: The ability of the design to evoke positive emotions and create a strong emotional connection with the audience.
    3. Alignment with Brand Identity: The degree to which the design aligns with HQTS Group’s brand identity and values.
  2. The winning design will be announced on June 10. The creators of the winning designs will receive a cash prize of $2000 USD along with a certificate of achievement.

Special Instructions

  1. We’re looking for original designs with full copyright ownership. They should be previously unpublished and free from any infringement of third-party intellectual property rights. Plagiarism, copying, or unauthorized usage will result in legal consequences.
  2. HQTS Group retains all intellectual property and usage rights for the selected designs. We reserve the right to utilize, modify, authorize, or protect the designs as we see fit.
  3. HQTS Group holds the ultimate authority for interpreting the terms and conditions of this activity.

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