New Federal Standard for Infant Bouncer Seats Takes Effect

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) approved the safety standard for baby bouncing chairs (16 CFR 1229) to prevent deaths and injuries to babies. The new mandatory standard applies to any infant bouncer seat manufactured or imported after March 19, 2018.

The new rule stipulates that fall hazard warnings should be placed on the front of the bouncer seat near the baby’s head and shoulders, improving the visibility of the warning. The standard also instructs caregivers to use restraints, even if a baby falls asleep in the bouncer, which is a likely occurrence.

Warning labels must include these statements:

  • “Use bouncer ONLY on the floor.”
  • “ALWAYS use restraints and adjust to fit snugly, even if baby falls asleep.”
  • “STOP using bouncer when baby starts trying to sit up or has reached [insert manufacturer’s recommended maximum weight, not to exceed 20 lbs.], whichever comes first.”

Safety Tips for Using Infant Bouncer Seats        

CPSC recommends the following tips for parents and caregivers when using an infant bouncer seat:

  • Always use the bouncer on the floor, never on a countertop, table or other elevated surface.
  • Never place the bouncer on a bed, sofa, or other soft surface because babies have suffocated when bouncers tip over onto soft surfaces.
  • Always use restraints and adjust restraints to fit snugly, even if baby falls asleep.
  • Stay nearby and watch the baby during use.

Stop using the bouncer when a child is able to sit up on his/her own or the baby reaches 20 lbs. or the manufacturer’s recommended maximum weight.