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    Avoiding Hazards for Kids in Relation to Children’s Toys

    Product Safety Issues Identified in the EU & The Directives & Standards

    Toy safety has become an issue frequently drawn to the public’s attention. Toys are a child’s best friend, meaning they spend a lot of time in close contact. Due to this, some of the most stringently regulated products are now toys and children’s products. Since toys have become highly regulated throughout the world, with these frequently updated, manufacturers, buyers, and retailers must comply and stay current with the increasingly rigid and complex regulations.

    The European Union (EU) defines toys as any product or material designed or intended, exclusively or not, for use in play by children under 14 years. Ensuring that toys marketed in the EU do not put children at risk is a priority. It is also an essential requirement for all manufacturers and exporters aiming to enter the EU markets. EN71 is a set of European product safety standards that applies to all toys sold in the European Union. The Directive specifies safety requirements for toys and covers other children’s products sold in the EU.

    Who is this webinar for?

    Specialized manufacturers


    Online Retailers

    Related service organizations; testing facilities and consultancies

    Why you should watch this live webinar ?

    To understand toys and which products have caused particular safety issues within the EU.

    To find out how product safety issues are identified in the EU.

    To equip your business ensuring so that you can spot the correct directives and standards

    To learn more about the products that have been the subject of recalls.

    Tips and suggestions to ensure only safe and compliant toys are supplied to the EU market.


    Richard Sargeant

    SPEAC Expert in the Field of Products Safety for European Market

    Richard Sargeant is a time-honored expert in products and their safety within the European market, especially toys and baby products. He is well familiar with the EU’s safety policies and safety inspection procedures for imported goods.

    He has a wide range of experience in training and guiding various manufacturing companies and e-commerce corporates to further adapt the security systems within the EU.

    Deng Yun

    Material Science Expert and Senior Engineer of Central Administration of Customs

    Deng Yun is a material science expert and senior engineer of the Central Administration of Customs. He boasts so much experience, more than one decade within the consumer goods sector (toys, appliance, and food contact materials) inspection, certification, and laboratory management.

    He is very familiar with all EU regulations and standards concerning non-food consumer goods and well versed in improving non-conformity products.

    Date: Wednesday, 3 November, 2021
    Time: 3pm Beijing Time
    8am London Time


    Introduction of SPEAC.

    An overview of the actual safety problems found in toys on sale within the EU originated from China.

    Explaining the directives and standards and the most critical issues found within toys.

    Understanding manufacturers’ essential responsibilities and requirements in ensuring only safe toys are placed within the EU market.

    Explaining the tips and checks that manufacturers should follow to ensure only safe toys are supplied to the EU market – with a case study as an example.

    Online survey and feedback.

    Q&A and Closure

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