Footware and Leather Products

While styling and comfort are among the key attributes a consumer looks for in footwear, meeting standards of performance, durability and safety are also important. In addition, conforming to the increasing number of regulatory guidelines and laws is imperative.

HQTS-QAI offers expert guidance in conforming to industry, regulatory and a customer’s exacting standards, as well as compliance with USA, European and international directives, standards and testing requirements. For example, we test in accordance with AATCC, ASTM, REACH, ISO, SATRA, GB, and other related standards. This is in addition to our own exacting performance guidelines and testing methods for both footwear products.

Because reliable, high quality footwear has a significant impact on customer satisfaction and brand success, working with HQTS-QAI can help you avoid the issues that put your bottom line at risk.

Major physical testing items for footware

  • Adhesion strength test
  • Aging test
  • Flexing resistance test
  • Yellowing resistance test
  • Static waterproof test
  • Thread strength test
  • Color fastness to rubbing for lining
  • Abrasion resistance for outsole
  • Static slip test
  • Hardness test
  • Air permeability test
  • Water resistance by flexing
  • Other items

Major physical testing items for leather products

  • Color fastness to rubbing
  • Color fastness to washing
  • Color fastness to light
  • Color fastness to perspiration
  • Compression resistance for leather
  • Abrasion resistance for leather
  • Tearing strength
  • Tensile strength
  • Other items

Major chemical testing items

  • Formaldehyde content
  • Chromium (VI)
  • PH
  • AZO Dye
  • Pentachlorophenol
  • Teteach loraphenol
  • Trichloraphenol
  • Allergenous disperse dyes
  • Carcinogen disperse dyes
  • Phathalates
  • Total lead
  • Total cadmium
  • Perfluorrooctane sulfonates
  • Short-chain chlorinated paraffin
  • Dimethyl fumarate
  • Others (flame retardants, pesticides, etc.)


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    HQTS is pleased to announce we will exhibit at the HOTELEX Shanghai. We invite you to drop by and learn more about how HQTS can help you meet your quality assurance goals. We can be found at booth E2A33.


    HOTELEX is a series of leading hospitality equipment, supplies and fine food trade fairs China, held in the cities of Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu and Guangzhou.

    HOTELEX Shanghai covers the entire hospitality and catering value chain from Catering Equipment Supply, Tableware,to Food and Beverage … Continue reading “HOTELEX Shanghai”


  • HQTS Tests Children’s Erasures

    March 15 marks World Consumer Rights Day, which raises awareness aboutproduct safety. In support of this day, HQTS cooperated with China Fujian TV Station (FJTV-1 Helping Group) to carry out testing for erasersused by children. The goal is to discover any potential health risk, and to protect child safety during the use of this product. Eight  …Continue reading

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