Sorting Inspection

A Sorting Inspection (SI) can be carried out as a pre or post packaging inspection. A piece by piece inspection is performed on every item to evaluate general appearance, workmanship, function, safety and etc. as specified by you. The SI allows for the removal of all defective products from a shipment. Upon completion, all products which pass inspection are then sealed with HQTS stickers. This ensures that every piece included in the shipment meets your specified quality requirements.

Either at your location or your supplier’s location, HQTS provides both visual inspection piece by piece inspection and sorting to improve quality and minimize or eliminate defects. Our comprehensive quality control sorting inspections will help to prevent defects, metal contamination, and other defect issues from reaching your customer and forcing further action, costs, and loss of business.

Sorting inspections can be done at any point in the manufacturing process to confirm defect-free shipments. In mot cases however, this quality control inspections is completed after the production is complete and before shipping. This high level of service is complimented by our many years of technical and practical experience in quality control inspections.

Some of the benefits our customers have received from our services include:

  • Reduced Returns
  • Accurate Reporting
  • Higher Quality Products
  • Improved Supplier Quality
  • Improved Customer Relations


Video of a sorting inspection

Apparel sorting inspection

Women’s wear sorting inspection (piece by piece) for Dabuwawa, at our inspection factory. This label features sophisticated craftsmanship with elegant lace, bright colors and trendy floral prints.


Process of a sorting inspection


sorting inspection
































Download sorting inspection infographic here.


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