9 Reasons Why A Quality Control Inspection Is Important
quality control inspection

1. Minimize risks

Whenever you buy products from China, there are certain risks coming along with your order. In case you don’t know your supplier and never worked with them before, be aware that the chances of frauds are quite high. What can happen to you? Some suppliers work with every trick you can imagine. Whether it’s the use of different raw materials than ordered or a delivery of less quantities than agreed, it’s your product which bears the risks. Quality control inspections can help you to minimize these risks. You can be sure that your products meet your specifications and accomplish your needs. Be careful and don’t fall into a trap of your supplier!


2. Avoid product recalls

Without proper quality control inspection, there would be a drastic increase in product recalls. Safety issues or product defects that might endanger the consumer or put the seller at risk of legal action are no exceptions when importing from China. To avoid these problems, make sure that your products are delivered in the right quality as specified by you.




3. Costs

Let’s think about the costs. You might assume that paying for a quality control inspection increases your costs and you could better save this money. But do you still agree when your products need to be scrapped, reworked or in the worst case, completely reordered because of poor quality? Costs incurred because of this will be higher for you in the end than just paying for a quality control inspection in the beginning.


quality control inspection

4. Time

Time is money. Don’t waste time because of faulty parts that need to be reworked or reordered.

quality control inspection

5. More control

By sending an inspector to the factory you have more control about your supplier. The announcement of a quality control inspection is related with more precision onthe part of the supplier. The chances of low quality, frauds or defects are. More control about the entire production process is one of your benefits, as well as the possibility to intervene whenever necessary – early enough without losing money and time.

quality control inspection 1


6. Bargain power for payment terms

In case you’re ordering from a supplier for the first time and don’t know about their reliability, a quality control inspection can help you to achieve more guarantee for you. Negotiations about payment terms are easier. For example, it could be an option to only pay a specific percentage of the invoice total before the inspection. The rest of the payment can be done after the inspection when you are sure that the product quality complies with your specifications. This payment term gives you more guarantee and safety, so that you can be sure not losing your money.

quality control inspection

7. Customer satisfaction

Providing good quality products helps to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Satisfied customers are willing to buy from you again or even spread the word and recommend your products to others. Start building strong customer relationships with a good quality level of your products.



8. Competitiveness

Be competitive! To have an advantage towards your competitors you should offer high quality products to the market. Nowadays, customer expectations are high. Sellers who don’t offer more value than their competitors, may face issues to survive in the highly competitive market.


9. Reputation

Quality is an important factor when it comes to your company’s reputation. In times of Facebook, Twitter and Co. it is easy to receive bad reviews about your product. On the contrary, positive reviews let your company stand out. The reputation of a company is important to succeed long-term. Don’t risk your reputation because of low quality.

quality control inspection