Guide to Import E-Scooters from China

The electric scooter and motorcycles market is forecasted to reach over $12 billion by 2025. As the increasing pollution is a worry to the population, electric bikes are becoming more and more popular as they do not produce any emissions. Also, electric bikes are very silent and therefore, do not cause noise pollution, they can easily maneuver around traffic and they can be charged from any wall-outlet. They are a huge, ever-growing market in China and more and more countries are now looking to import them from China.

The Booming E-Scooter Market in China

The global electric scooter market was around $19.4 billion in 2020 and will continue to grow at a rapid speed of 7.6% between 2021-2028. The demand for more fuel-efficient cars is increasing, with growing concerns about pollution and carbon emission; more people are looking for greener solutions. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the automotive industry, which has led to a decline in the electric power train market.

Electric scooters are simple and smart and are best suited for delivery services such as; fast-food stores and shops. Electric two-wheelers for delivery sales have grown the e-commerce industry and it’s expected to keep growing in the future. Due to growing urbanization within China, the transport demand in small and medium sized cities is increasing and e-scooters are ideal for short and frequent journeys.

Finding the Ideal E-Scooter Supplier

Finding the best supplier is vital, and it is very important to do your research. A good e-scooter supplier is the foundation of your trading business, thus your strategy should always start on choosing the right channel.

Online Platforms

The most famous online B2B market place in China is Alibaba, most Chinese electric scooter manufacturers list their products on top Alibaba sites such as; Taobao. You can easily find many trusted suppliers online and with Alibaba ranking 10th in the world in terms of financial value, in-between IKEA and Target. Alibaba is known for being cost-efficient, has a huge e-commerce market with millions of products sold every day and they also offer a fantastic after-sale service.

Another great website in China is Made-in-China, it’s a B2B e-commerce platform, with more than 15,000 results for electric scooters – you can easily make comparisons and purchase products in a cost-efficient way. To conclude, to find the ideal supplier; do your research, find a trusted supplier and ensure you are paying a fair price.

Direct Suppliers

If you want to buy directly from the supplier, you can find their website online and contact them directly via email, they can provide you with all the relevant information and delivery pricing. You can find different brands in the e-commerce platforms and then look for them on Google or Baidu. If you are located in China you can also visit the factories directly, most of the factories are located in Shenzhen and Zhejiang and if you visit the factory, you can see the whole process from start to finish.

Sourcing Agents

You can even use a sourcing agent; they can help you to find an affordable supplier. This companies can guide you to find the best products, they help you with sourcing, shipping and distribution and they will also assist you the whole way through the process; ensuring you find the best quality electric scooter that is right for you and your needs.

Trade Fairs

You can also look for electric scooter suppliers at a trade show such as; The Canton Fair, China Cycle and Global Sources Electronics. Buyers from all over the world will attend these shows and you can look and even try out the products by yourself, but you can also negotiate the prices face-to-face with the suppliers. Ensuring you get the best deal possible.

Key Points to Consider When Importing E-Bikes from China

The electric bike is a massive industry and they are mostly manufactured in China, but there are a few things you need to consider when you are importing e-scooters including; import duty, finding the best supplier and quality control.

Local Regulations

 You should always check the laws in your country before importing. In the USA; each state has a different law for electric bikes. For examplein Alabama; you have to be over 14 years old to ride one and you must have a M class driver license while in Colorado, you can ride up to 20mph, there isn’t an age limit and a helmet or a driving license is not necessary. Lastly, in Kentucky – you cannot go over 30mph, the minimum age is 16 and you must wear a helmet if you are under 18. So get sure that your targeted market is ideal for the kind of e-scooter you are trying to sell.

In the UK; you must be over 14 and you cannot go over 15.5mph but you don’t need a license to drive an e-scooter. Also, in India you can use a vehicle with a motor power less than 250W and a max speed of 30km/h without a license, but you must get approval from the necessary regulation body.


 When you are looking for an electric bike, you must ask about documents; the certificate of quality and safety is vital and ensuring the lithium battery is safe is a must, else it could lead to fires or explosions when riding or charging. You also need the correct documentation when it comes to customs clearance, especially when importing to the EU, because the battery contains lithium, you need to provide the EU with the correct MSDS and UN38.3 testing reports, along with the certificates.

Import Duties

You must always read the custom import duties when you are importing e-bikes from China, if you neglect it, it could cause the revenue to significantly reduce. The EU has imposed an anti-dumping and anti-subsidy duty on Chinese e-scooters, within the EU the duty rate is as high as 83.6%. In order to avoid high tariffs, some Chinese factories disassemble the pedals from electric bikes and export them separately as spare parts, then the bike is not an electric bicycle but an electric scooter.

Quality Control

Quality control (QC) is a key part of the manufacturing process and when you first go to visit the electric bike wholesale supplier, you should keep an eye on how many workers are doing the QC process and how many test machines are inside the plant. This will show you how capable the company is of making compliant and top-quality products. When you are discussing the contract; you should also take into consideration the brand components.

HQTS provides quality control inspections from the very production of e-bikes all the way to final packing.

Our Inspections Services include:

Pre-Shipment Inspections
Sample Checking
During Production Inspections
Container loading and unloading Supervision
Piece by Piece Inspections
Production Monitoring
Pre-Production Inspections

To conclude; the electric bike industry is a huge market that is growing continuously, but when you are looking to buy a new e-scooter you must do research and ensure you are choosing the right supplier, sourcing agent or website and always check the importing rules for your country.

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