Food Safety Services

HQTS Food safety services ensure safety and quality in the handling, preparation, and storage of food in ways that prevent food-borne illness and quality of product.

Recent negative news in the industry underscore the need for extra vigilance in the inspection and testing process.  Your end-users need assurance that what they consume exceeds compliance standards and regularity  requirements for quality, safety, and salability. We can help ensure that.

Whether you are a grower, food packer, processor, distributor or wholesaler of bulk feed, supplements, or food products for human consumption, you must demonstrate integrity and safety of your product from the source, and throughout the supply chain.  

Contact us today to find out how we can keep up to date on the changing regulatory environment and ensure safety an quality on your food supply chain.


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    HQTS is pleased to announce we will exhibit at the China Commodity Fair, Moscow. We invite you to drop by and learn more about how HQTS can help you meet your quality assurance goals. You can find us …


  • Canada Approved Children’s Jewellery Regulations (SOR/2018-82)

    On 2nd May 2018, Canada’s Department of Health has published SOR/2018-82 Children’s Jewelry Regulations, which shall repeal SOR/2016-168 Children’s Jewelry Regulations. All the proposed provisions have been approved, and shall come into force on 2 November 2018.