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The Benefits of China Amazon FBA Inspections

HQTS is now an official Amazon inspection provider in the USA for China. It is essential to understand why FBA inspections are vital to working within the Amazon fulfillment ecosystem.

This article aims to clarify what Amazon FBA is, what FBA inspections are, why they are essential, and what is entailed within said inspections.

What is Amazon FBA?

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a service that is offered to third-party sellers working with the organization. This service involves the third-party sellers shipping their goods to a designated Amazon warehouse. Amazon then handles the storage, order fulfillment, packaging, and shipment of the goods. This process can benefit sellers as they can focus solely on selling and maintaining product inventory levels.

Amazon provides this service for a fee, and they have strict guidelines regarding the quality and safety ratings of the products added to the FBA ecosystem. If these guidelines are not followed and complaints about the businesses, their products and business will ultimately be banned from selling on amazon. As well as quality businesses will also be prohibited if they give products that were dishonestly advertised or a different product.

What is an Amazon FBA inspection?

Amazon follows strict guidelines throughout its processes. This includes inspection. FBA inspections include checking goods to ensure they meet the safety and quality standards before being moved to the Amazon warehouses. If organizations are selling small amounts of locally sourced products, then it can be done in-house if the procedure is followed correctly. However, suppose an organization is importing products from abroad (for example, China) or the number of products is large. In that case, they must use a third party to provide an FBA inspection to ensure the goods are in-line with amazons regulations.

Why does your organization need FBA inspections?

It is not a requirement from Amazon for products to be inspected before entering their warehouses. However, having inspections implemented into your supply chain process can be an invaluable resource that saves time, money, and reputation with customers and amazon. Some of the benefits include:

1. Less defective products

Inspections are based on the seller’s specifications of the items. These inspections ensure that the quality of the goods is acceptable. This stops shipments of defective goods coming to the warehouse as there is an added layer of protection.

2. Ensures compliance with Amazon FBA requirements.

There are rigorous standards that Amazon has put in place for its FBA process to prepare and send goods to a fulfillment center. Having inspections in place allows for your products to be compliant with the requirements that have been set out by amazon. This ensures a stronger relationship and reputation with Amazon to continue the business.

3. Ensures correct labeling practices

Labeling is an essential part of ensuring products comply with Amazon FBA regulations. Inspections allow for labels to be checked pre-shipment to ensure there are no mistakes when it is received at the fulfillment center.

4. Allows for proper packaging.

Through inspections, the packaging of goods can be tested to ensure they are shipped in the correct manner. This includes if they have enough padding to ensure that goods are not damaged in transit as it makes their way to the Amazon warehouse. This can greatly decrease the chances of delays and additional costs due to a halt in the supply chain from defective products.

Start your Amazon FBA inspections today with HQTS.

Having a third party inspect your goods before being shipped to Amazon FBA can be a valuable and almost essential part of the supply chain process. This allows for a streamlined relationship and production cycle with Amazon and ultimately higher profits due to a lack of potential defects.

If inspections are not carried out, goods may be defective, labels may be incorrect, and complaints may occur, leading to suspension or the banning of your organization from selling on the amazon marketplace.

Contact HQTS today to begin your Amazon FBA inspection journey. With over 25 years of experience, we ensure quality throughout your supply chain process.

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