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Case Study – Inspecting Stainless Steel Products

Stainless Steel Inspection case study


USA based importer and buying agency, BRM Imports LLC import stainless steel kitchen and household products including; bento boxes and lunch boxes, stainless steel and household products with the majority of their imports coming from India. In 2019, the company experienced product quality issues, however, they are aiming to improve their services and offer the best possible stainless steel and household products. Especially as the company could not afford to have any further quality management issues going forward.

BRM Imports looked for a third-party inspection service and they chose HQTS. We sent out our inspection team to their supplier’s factory in Jodhpur, Rajasthan-India and we completed 100% piece by piece inspections of all their products.


When the HQTS quality control inspection team went to the factory on the first day the inspector checked 20% of food products and made some observations. Making note of which products did not follow HQTS defect classifications. Investigations continued and some quality problems related to inspection goods (major and minor) and quality issues were found. One drawback was, the supplier was unable to provide the needed manpower to repack goods. Also, the instructions given by the client were not followed by the supplier, causing the client to be dissatisfied with the quality of the finished product.


HQTS inspection team performed a piece by piece inspection and pre-shipment inspection (PSI) for 315 samples and sent inspection reports, assuring the client the best quality for their products. HQTS also provided a listing service and a customised inspection service. Our team advised the supplier that they should strengthen communication with their workers to prevent any further quality issues and greater losses for both the supplier and the client.


By using HQTS quality control inspection services, the quality of BRM Imports products have gradually improved. In four days the HQTS supervisor inspected 3000 pieces and the analysis showed, 94.83% of those products passed the quality checks. However, 158 were detected with either major or minor defects.

Click here to download the Full Inspection Report

BRM Imports were satisfied with HQTS inspection services and as their product quality is steadily increasing, they have ordered further inspections from us. They have also opted for a supplier sourcing service and HQTS look forward to continuing to provide our client with the best quality assurance services.

About HQTS

HQTS is a leading service provider in quality assurance and quality control, highly committed to deliver one-stop quality solution services globally based on, integrity, effectiveness, flexibility and principle.

A privately managed business with 25 years of impeccable history, HQTS has witnessed the global economy expansion from the mid-1990’s to 2000. HQTS has gone through years of ups & downs and has become a well-known name in the industry, providing top-quality solutions as a seal of trust.

Furthermore, HQTS have widened their roots to South East Asia and now expanding rapidly in India, the world’s fastest growing economy. We have many case studies and each one is a proof of how our services provide the best benefits to our customers.

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