HQTS Webinar – The New Global Food Supply Chain: Smart Technologies & Food Safety Post-Covid-19

HQTS hosted a live webinar on Wednesday August 26, 2020, offering insight on the challenges regarding the food supply chain.

The session, streamed on Facebook Live, YouTube and Zoom, saw an expert panel from different companies present their ideas and industry experience around the subject, as well as answer questions from the audience.

Webinar Agenda

The following subjects were covered in detail with an expert panel over the hour-long event:

  • Introduction to food safety standards and integrity
  • How COVID-19 has disrupted the global food supply chain
  • The effects of the outbreak of food fraud
  • How the food industry can innovate to improve and learn from the situation
  • Closing Q&A with audience and speakers

The food industry is having to take extra measures to contain the coronavirus as the pandemic is putting a strain on food supply chains; involving farmers, agricultural inputs, processing plants, shipping, retailers and more.

The New Global Food Supply Chain

The webinar helped clients to better understand the current state of the food supply chain to ensure businesses remain compliant with food safety standards and regulations. Some of the themes touched upon were smart technologies and crime prevention for a better future for the food industry.

Hosting this online webinar reflects the drive these companies have to further strengthen their corporation with their customers. If you missed the event, watch the full session below and email inquiry@hqts.com if you’d like more information on our services.

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