All You Need to Know About Pre-Customs Clearance Inspections

All shipment arrivals must be inspected in order to verify the containers condition and to ensure all the goods have arrived on time and still properly intact, accompanied by all the relevant documents, invoices and packing lists. Quantities, the quality of the goods, the markings and the labels must all be checked thoroughly too.

What Is a Pre-Custom Clearance Inspection?

A pre-customs clearance inspection will help to reduce both time and money for importers, customs agents and freight forwarders that are importing to Mexico. The physical aspects of the containers and all the document details should be checked in the country of origin prior to the shipment. This allows the release of these containers in Mexican customs within 48 hours.  By identifying any deviations and, if any are found, they should be fixed and solved in an efficient manner. This inspection reduces cost and time, ensuring the supply chain to the customers is efficient and of top-quality.

The Pre-Customs Clearance Process

The pre-customs clearance process starts with a service request and relies on coordination with the supplier or factory. Next, an inspector must perform the pre-customs clearance inspection at the origin and the loading container must be supervised whilst being closed. The preparation and release of the cargo reports should be completed with customs analysis, and an audit report with the client must be included. Once the container arrives, a customs agent must then present the request and release the container within 48 hours.

The Benefits of Pre-Custom Clearance inspections

There are many benefits to a pre-custom’s inspection.  For example, it helps you to maintain your brand image by ensuring the shipment delivery arrives on time, it saves your products from a potentially lengthy customs checking process as it may delay and damage your products and your brand image. It helps to ensure a hassle-free delivery of the shipment from customs and you could receive positive ratings from customs officials. Furthermore, a pre-customs inspection can help grow your business reputation in Mexico as it helps to avoid any last-minute troubles that could cause your business a substantial fine.  Also using a pre-customs clearance inspection can help you to accurately calculate the taxes and tariffs to avoid under- or over-payment. If you don’t use this inspection, you may have to start the procedures and paperwork once it arrives at the intended destination, which causes delays at the border. 

Why Use HQTS for Pre-Customs Clearance Inspections?

 HQTS will inspect your shipment and provide all the relevant documents and indicating any defects that may be found. This is an important step in the quality control process and is a vital method for checking the quality of goods before they are shipped. This will ensure your work will become hassle-free as our HQTS inspectors will check the entry paperwork, the loading sheet, the quality of the shipment and ensure the shipment complies with the Mexican Official Regulations and Standards. Using a professional pre-customs inspection service can ensure the process can run smoothly and be taken care of in a professional manner.

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