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Understanding the Basics of Food Quality Control

Food safety is vital and even though food is produced in many locations and various environments, food quality standards are similar throughout the globe. There are many procedures that a company should follow to ensure their products are up to consistently acceptable standards and to keep consumers safe.

It is critically important that food manufacturers adhere to an efficient quality management system. Quality control is a process that identifies and rectifies any defects in finished products before they are shipped. It can be achieved by identifying and eliminating sources of quality problems during production to ensure customers’ requirements are continually met.

What does food quality control mean?

The food industry needs to manage and source highly sensitive products and this is a key reason behind ensuring high quality standards are being met. Same brand food items tend to be repeatedly bought and even a small incident where the quality of products has been compromised, the outcome could actually tarnish the entire brand image and a company’s repetition.

Therefore, having appropriate quality control measures in place is highly necessary when brands are handling food items. This involves quality inspections and using a third-party quality company can make this process easier, quicker and more efficient.

The importance of food quality control

Food quality control is incredibly important to ensure consumers are eating and handling safe food items. It can protect customers from dangers such as contaminated foods while also ensuring they receive the weight and quality of food they have paid for.

Quality control in food industry can also help protect a business from unreliable suppliers, any damage to equipment, and false quality accusations from customers or suppliers. Lastly, it can also ensure that food laws are being met and regulations are complied with.

Quality control is used to manage the quality of processed food, testing the quality, and finding a buyer for that batch of food. Therefore, quality specifications should be written and agreed by the suppliers or sellers and any control issues need to be identified during the inspection process.

When food quality control be done

Whether you grow food, are a packer, processor, distributor or a buyer of bulk food, or supplements or any food products that are for human consumption, you must ensure your company has integrity and safety of all your food products starting with the source and continuing throughout the entire food supply and production chains.

Assurance can be given if growing, processing, procuring, and shipping processes are regularly monitored and tested by a specialized third-party company and this should be carried out at each and every stage of both the supply chain and the production processes.

How do we maintain high food standards?

There are various food safety requirements and several food safety and food quality control regulations that have been set by law and large retailers or chains operating within the food industry. The most common quality standard is the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), which was created to address the safety of food through analysis and control of biological chemicals or physical hazards throughout the food supply chain.

Other common food quality standards for exporting companies include:

  • British Retail Consortium (BRC) which includes trade associating for UK retailing
  • International Featured Standards (IFS) which is a recognised standard when it comes to food auditing
  • Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) which helps to ensure international food safety standards are being met and reduce the need for multiple supplier audits
  • European Food Safety Inspection Service (EFSIS) which can act as a steppingstone to achieving the requirements of the full BRC Standard 

About HQTS

Using a third-party inspection company can be very beneficial and HQTS can provide a range of audits including retail hygiene, cold chain management, hazard analysis critical control point and manufacturing process supervision. With over 25 years of experience in quality assurance, HQTS is ready to help your online business build a robust quality assurance process. Our many service locations are prepared to be your one-stop-shop for your e-commerce inspection needs, Including, production monitoring, pre-shipment and sorting inspections and everything in between. Click here to read more about our food safety audits. Contact us today to find out how we can help you navigate food quality control challenges.

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