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Quality Control for Household Appliances

Quality Control for Home Appliances

Improve the quality of your household appliances to meet your high standards with HQTS’ comprehensive quality control solutions tailored to the home appliances industry.

Kitchen and home appliances are subject to strict restrictions, such as RoHS, CE Marking, EMC Directive, CCC, and WEE, as the products are intended for use by end-consumers. Due to the nature of the industry, with production often taking place in various factories, quality control can be challenging.

To ensure compliance with specifications, safety, and regulatory requirements, a well-defined quality control strategy is crucial for sourcing and manufacturing home appliances.

Quality Control at Every Stage of the Household Appliances Supply Chain

HQTS has decades of experience and is trusted by companies worldwide to deliver electronics quality control solutions. We have a team of highly skilled employees and offer electronics quality control services such as quality inspection, testing, and certification for all household appliances, including refrigerators, washing machines, irons, electric kettles, and more.

Household Appliance Quality Inspections

In all of our kitchen appliance inspection services, our inspectors will evaluate the quality of electronic appliances using a checklist covering key areas such as workmanship, specifications, functionality, and safety. During our home appliance inspection services, we can check the product’s compliance with UL, CE Marking, and other industry standards and conformity markings.

  • Pre-Production InspectionEnsure that your manufacturer has the resources and capabilities to meet your product specifications and quality requirements, and assess the materials’ durability before production begins.
  • During Production Inspection (DPI)Monitor the production process to ensure the products meet your standards and identify and resolve any sources of defects or areas for production that require improvement.
  • Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI)Inspect a sample of the products based on the Acceptable Quality Limit to verify the products meet your requirements, including visual inspection, quantity check, labelling and packaging, workmanship, function, and safety of the product.
  • Piece-by-Piece Inspection: Check the performance of each appliance in the batch according to a range of variables, including functionality, safety, and craftsmanship.
  • Loading SupervisionMonitor the packaging and loading process to ensure that your products are packed and shipped correctly.
  • Correct Assembly Verification: Ensure that all components are correctly assembled and mounted using a Component Data Form.

Audits for Home Appliances

In addition to inspections, HQTS offers auditing services for home appliances, performed in China, India, Vietnam or other key manufacturing countries, including:

  • Factory Audits – Assess the manufacturer’s quality control systems, machinery, facilities, and production capability.
  • Supplier Audits – Verify the legitimacy of your supplier and assess their quality management systems and export capabilities.
  • Social Compliance Audits – Assess the company’s operations based on globally recognised compliance benchmarks.

Testing for Home Appliances

Our accredited laboratory and partner laboratories are well-equipped to perform complete testing and certification services for home appliances, such as safety testing, RoHS compliance testing, carton drop testing, internal construction review, CE marking certification, and many more.

Other Household Appliance Quality Control Services

At HQTS, our technicians and inspectors understand the home appliance industry and the best quality management practices. In addition to our quality control services, we offer a range of additional services to support your business, such as:

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