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Quality Control for AC & LED and Lamp Lighting Products

AC, LED, and Lamp Lighting Products Inspection and Quality Control Services

Ensure that the products you deliver to your customers are of high quality, safe to use and compliant at every time.

Quality Control plays an important role in ensuring that the lighting products delivered to your customers are compliant with safety regulations such as UL Standards for Safety, CE marking, and RoHS and meet the ever-increasing high-quality standards and expectations of consumers.


Quality Control for AC & LED and Lamp Lighting Products

HQTS is a leading quality control company with a proven track record of success as a reliable quality control partner for businesses in the lighting sector. Our team has designed a range of quality control services to the electronics industry. Whether you need to inspect LED lighting, lighting fixtures frames and parts or lamps and components, we can assist in monitoring that your lighting quality standards are maintained throughout the production process.

Lighting Quality Inspections

Our quality inspection services for the LED, AC and Lamp Lighting industry include the following:

  • Incoming Material Inspection/Prior to Production: Our inspectors will check the quality of raw materials and components before they are used in the lighting manufacturing process.
  • During Production Inspection (DPI)The AC, LED or other lighting parts will be examined for their appearance, construction, and function to ensure that quality requirements and specifications are met.
  • Pre Shipment Inspection (PSI)We will select a random sample of finished LED or other lighting products before shipment to verify that they conform to your requirements and quality standards, including evaluating the general appearance, workmanship, function, safety, and other specifications.
  • Piece by Piece Inspection – Check every item in the package, including a meticulous visual examination and evaluation of the craftsmanship.

Audits for the Lighting Industry

HQTS can help you check your manufacturer’s legitimacy and analyse your supplier’s condition, strengths, and weaknesses.

  • Factory Audit: An independent assessment of the manufacturer’s quality control systems, machinery, facilities, equipment, and production capability.
  • Supplier AuditChecking the company’s legal information, bank information, human resources, export capabilities, and more.

Lighting Testing

At HQTS, we have our in-house laboratory and a network of partner laboratories around the globe. We offer various testing services, including functional testing, durability testing, RoHS Test, CE marking, ISTA packaging, and more.

Other Services for the Lighting Industry

Our technical experts and inspectors have extensive knowledge and experience in the LED/Lighting industry, including a thorough understanding of industry-specific regulations, standards, and requirements. Whether you need a supply chain audit for social compliance or support in ensuring conformity to stringent safety standards such as UL, CE marking, and RoHS, we are your partner.

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