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Quality Control for Chemicals – Inspection and Testing

Chemical Inspection and Testing Services

Ensure that the chemicals you source are in compliance with stipulated quality standards and legislative requirements with HQTS chemical inspection and testing services.

Whether you are looking for China third party chemical inspection or testing of petrochemicals, agrochemicals, polymers or any other chemicals in India and elsewhere, HQTS are here to help you that your items conform to specifications and quality standards.


Chemical Quality Control Services

In the chemical manufacturing industry, ensuring chemical product quality is crucial to prevent nonconformities and comply with regulations aimed at safeguarding people and the environment.

For several years, HQTS has offered quality control services in the chemical industry for manufacturers, suppliers and buyers.

The primary industrial products categories we serve:

  • Agrochemicals
  • Pesticides
  • Basic and Industrial Chemicals
  • Due and Detergents
  • Lubricants and Greases
  • Nanomaterial
  • Petrochemicals 
  • Polymer
  • Plastics
  • Oil and Gas Related Equipment and Materials
  • Dyes and Detergents
  • Pipe Fitting, Flange, Pipes
  • Steel
Chemical Quality Inspections

We offer a range of third party chemical inspection services, from inspection of chemical raw materials used in the production, making sure the production process is carried out according to industry best practices, to testing if the chemicals are free from defects and contaminants and properly labelled.

Chemical Supplier and Factory Audit

We offer supplier audit services to help you reduce the risk of receiving substandard or unsafe products. Our auditor will thoroughly review your supplier based on several criteria, ranging from its business licenses, production facilities and equipment, and quality management systems. 

Chemical Testing

We can assess whether the intended sourced chemical conforms to the prescribed purity levels, free from harmful substances and heavy metals that could potentially endanger human health or the environment.

The chemical products can undergo testing in accordance with industry-specific standards and protocols such as ASTM, ISO, and REACH SVHCs screening tests. Our inspector will collect a representative sample on-site and analyse it in a laboratory using advanced testing techniques and equipment.

Other Chemical Quality Control Services

HQTS is well-equipped to provide a range of services related to the chemical industry, including:


Should you have any inquiries or wish to acquire further information regarding our chemical quality control services, please contact us today!

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