Machinery & Equipment

Industrial machinery and equipment quality control inspections can be anything from a simple checklist inspection to one-off customized inspection and testing checklists based on technical engineering requirements.

With the modernization of Chinese Industry, HQTS provides quality assurance services for Chinese industry and is dedicated to both safety and quality optimization for factory systems and processes. Our quality assurance services are delivered according to regulatory, market and client requirements.

Our Service

Machinery Accessories

  • Factory Audit
  • Live Inspection
  • Testing
  • Loading Inspection


Machinery & Equipment

  • Factory Audit
  • Live Inspection & Production Supervision
  • Witness Testing
  • Loading/Unloading Supervision


Machinery Accessories

The processing technology and quality of machinery components and accessories determine the performance and safety of production machinery.

HQTS has considerable experience in related industry trends. We perform technical inspections of the materials, appearance, usage, working condition and function of these according to the requirements of production.

Some of the machinery components we can service include: pipes, valves, fittings, castings, and forgings.


Some of service we can provide:

  • Factory Audit
  • Live Inspection: material supervision, material tracing supervision, welding inspection, nondestructive inspection, size inspection, coating inspection, packing inspection, loading inspection
  • Testing: mental materials testing, chemical analysis, tensile strength test
  • Loading Supervision


Machinery & Equipment

There is a great variety of machinery with widely complicated configurations and varying operational principles. Our experienced technicians can evaluate your machinery based on any factors you require to establish proper functionality, reliability of components and accessories, quality of assembly, and production results.


Some machinery we can service include:

  • Pressure vessel of chemical and food industry
  • Engineering equipment: cranes, lifts, excavators, conveyor belts, bucket, dump truck
  • Mine and cement machinery: stacker-reclaimer, cement kiln, mill, machine of loading and unloading
  • Structure of steel


Some of service we can provide include:

  • Factory audit and evaluation
  • Live inspection and production supervision: inspection and supervision refer to welding, nondestructive inspection, machinery, electrical, material, structure, chemistry, safety
  • Physical inspection:
  • Functional inspection: safety and integrity of parts and the machinery, lines layout, etc.
  • Performance evaluation: whether the performance indicator meets design specifications
  • Safety evaluation: reliability of safety
  • Certification inspection
  • loading/uploading inspection


HQTS has been in the quality assurance business more than 20 years. Our services can equip you with the information you need when buying equipment for installation in Asia factories, or before shipping to other locations around the globe.